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The thing about skiing

The thing about skiing

The whole process of skiing relies on snow poles, so the requirements for gloves are very high. Not only to keep warm and cold, but also to be soft, wear-resistant, and cut-resistant. Ski gloves are generally made of natural leather and synthetic materials, and impermeable fabrics should be selected. When skiing, if a snow foam is accidentally splashed on your hand, it will easily melt into water and seep into the glove, so the outer fabric of the glove must be waterproof.

During the skiing process, the ski equipment must be constantly adjusted, so the ski gloves should be wide, and the five-finger separated type should be selected for easy operation. If the wrist of the glove is longer, the sleeve can be covered, and the wrist guard can be saved. If it can be sealed with elastic band, it can effectively prevent snow from entering. It is best to have a quilt for protection and warmth.
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First, the fabric is strong. The most important protection is to have certain anti-wear, anti-cut, anti-tear and scratch-resistant capabilities. Ski falls and bumps are inevitable. If the fabric is not strong, the gloves are easily damaged and the hands are easily injured. At present, more professional ski gloves even use Kevlar material for body armor in the main protective parts, which is very strong and safe.

Second, the fabric does not stick to snow. The waterproofness of ski gloves is not very important. Gloves made of leather, chemical fiber or rubber materials are already very good. Cotton, wool, wool and other materials are easy to stick to snow, which will make the inside and outside of the gloves very wet and cold, which will seriously cause frostbite on the fingers. Fleece or wool gloves for skiing are even better than bare hands. The waterproof performance of veneer gloves is higher.

Three, warm and breathable. Keeping warm is a basic requirement, and the breathability of gloves is also very important, so that the sweat produced when it is hot can be volatilized in time to avoid the cold feeling when wet and the amount of exercise is reduced, and the gloves that are not breathable often sweat and smell in the gloves.

4.For skating double-boards, you should choose finger-pointing gloves, the size should be appropriate, and the thickness should be appropriate. You need to keep your fingers flexible for zipping, fetching, adjusting boots, skis, getting on and off lifts, etc. in the snow. Some double-board gloves are also made into the shape of the natural curved fingers, which is more natural and comfortable to wear. The wrist of the veneer gloves is longer, and it is not easy for the snow to enter the snow.

5.The materials of fingers and palms should preferably be non-slip, so as to ensure a firm and reliable grip when wearing gloves, which is convenient for grasping ski poles, snowboards, drags, cable cars, etc.


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